3 Cohens Tightrope is Released

Happy to announce the release of the 3 Cohen's latest album Tightrope, which I co-produced with the group. I've been thinking about making an album such as this with Anat, Yuval and Avishai for a very long time. In essence, it features the three of them playing unaccompanied, or with one guest at a time. Some of the music is improvised freely, and some is more structured.

What a Joy! I've experienced the sound of the Cohens playing together for years now; I was so fascinated by their ensemble sound and the magical way in which they improvise collectively. My voice as a composer and arranger was greatly influenced by this; I had to learn how to notate what I heard the Cohens do naturally.

In short - they are a long-time musical crush of mine.

I'm immensely proud of this album, and very happy it is out on Anzic Records. Check out some tracks, buy the album. I guarantee you've never heard something like it before.